Curated Places News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Places conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Places Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


Official MapQuest website, find driving directions, maps, live traffic updates and road conditions. Find nearby businesses, restaurants and hotels. Explore!

  • Search for places with optional geographic and categorical contexts.


User Reviews and Recommendations of Best Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Food, Entertainment, Things to Do, Services and More at Yelp

  • Get Autocomplete
  • Get Businesses
  • Get Businesses Reviews
  • Get Businesses Search
  • Get Businesses Search Phone
  • Get Transactions Delivery Search


Factual is pioneering how the world uses data to power mobile marketing, digital consumer products, mobile applications and real world analytics.

  • Get Table Name Facets
  • Get Table Name Factual
  • Get Table Name Match
  • Get Table Name Resolve
  • Get Table Name Schema
  • Post Table Name Boost
  • Post Table Name Factual Clear
  • Post Table Name Factual Flag
  • Post Table Name Submit


Foursquare helps you find the perfect places to go with friends. Discover the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in your area.

  • Get Campaigns
  • Get Campaigns List
  • Get Campaigns Timeseries
  • Get Checkins Checkin
  • Get Checkins Recent
  • Get Events Categories
  • Get Events Event
  • Get Events Search
  • Get Lists
  • Get Lists Followers
  • Get Lists Suggestphoto
  • Get Lists Suggesttip
  • Get Lists Suggestvenues
  • Get Multi
  • Get Pages
  • Get Pages Search
  • Get Pages Venues
  • Get Photos Photo
  • Get Settings All
  • Get Settings Setting
  • Get Specials
  • Get Specials Configuration
  • Get Specials List
  • Get Specials Search
  • Get Tips
  • Get Tips Done
  • Get Tips Listed
  • Get Tips Search
  • Get Updates Notifications
  • Get Updates Update
  • Get Users
  • Get Users Badges
  • Get Users Checkins
  • Get Users Friends
  • Get Users Leaderboard
  • Get Users Lists
  • Get Users Mayorships
  • Get Users Photos
  • Get Users Requests
  • Get Users Search
  • Get Users Tips
  • Get Users Todos
  • Get Users Venuehistory
  • Get Venuegroups Group
  • Get Venuegroups List
  • Get Venues
  • Get Venues Categories
  • Get Venues Events
  • Get Venues Explore
  • Get Venues Herenow
  • Get Venues Links
  • Get Venues Listed
  • Get Venues Managed
  • Get Venues Menu
  • Get Venues Photos
  • Get Venues Search
  • Get Venues Similar
  • Get Venues Stats
  • Get Venues Suggestcompletion
  • Get Venues Timeseries
  • Get Venues Tips
  • Get Venues Trending
  • Post Campaigns Add
  • Post Campaigns Delete
  • Post Campaigns End
  • Post Campaigns Start
  • Post Checkins Add
  • Post Checkins Checkin Addcomment
  • Post Checkins Checkin Deletecomment
  • Post Lists Add
  • Post Lists Additem
  • Post Lists Deleteitem
  • Post Lists Follow
  • Post Lists Moveitem
  • Post Lists Share
  • Post Lists Unfollow
  • Post Lists Update
  • Post Lists Updateitem
  • Post Photos Add
  • Post Settings Setting Set
  • Post Specials Add
  • Post Specials Flag
  • Post Specials Retire
  • Post Tips Add
  • Post Tips Markdone
  • Post Tips Marktodo
  • Post Tips Unmark
  • Post Updates Marknotificationsread
  • Post Users Approve
  • Post Users Deny
  • Post Users Request
  • Post Users Search
  • Post Users Self Update
  • Post Users Setpings
  • Post Users Unfriend
  • Post Venuegroups Add
  • Post Venuegroups Group Addvenue
  • Post Venuegroups Group Delete
  • Post Venuegroups Group Removevenue
  • Post Venues Add
  • Post Venues Edit
  • Post Venues Flag
  • Post Venues Marktodo
  • Post Venues Proposeedit


Discover the difference of carrier-validation in your programmatic mobile advertising. Ericsson Emodos Ad Stack lets advertisers use existing demand platforms and reach audiences in an efficient, privacy-compliant manner.

I Wanna Go There is a travel guide for Coolpackers. Coolpackers are travelers that love design, architecture, vintage shops, music and trendy places.


Search public property records including real estate data: sale, ownership, tax, and more - for more than 150 million U.S. properties. ATTOM Data Solutions is the curator of ATTOM, a multi-sourced national property data warehouse that contains tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, health hazard, neighborhood characteristic and property characteristic data for over 155 million U.S. properties, delivering actionable data to clients and powering consumer websites owned by ATTOM Data Solutions:,, and 

  • Return all schools within a defined radius from a point.
  • Return details about a particular school district.
  • Return details about a particular school.
  • Return schools within the attendance boundary of a property.
  • Returns a list of properties that fit a criteria.
  • Returns all boundaries a point falls within.
  • Returns all the events that have occurred on a specific address.
  • Returns assessment details for properties within a radius.
  • Returns assessment details for properties within a zip code.
  • Returns assessment history and property details.
  • Returns available data fields.
  • Returns AVM details for a property.
  • Returns AVM details within a geography.
  • Returns basic property information and most recent transaction and taxes.
  • Returns basic transaction and loan history on a property.
  • Returns business categories.
  • Returns community information.
  • Returns detailed property information and most recent transaction and taxes.
  • Returns detailed transaction, pre-foreclosure and loan history on a property.
  • Returns home sale information for properties within a geography.
  • Returns lines of business categories.
  • Returns POIs based on an address.
  • Returns POIs based on point.
  • Returns POIs based on zip code.
  • Returns properties and their characteristics that fit a criteria.
  • Returns properties within a zip code.
  • Returns property details based on an ID.
  • Returns property details mortgage based on ID.
  • Returns property details mortgageowner based on an ID.
  • Returns property details owner based on an ID.
  • Returns sale information for a property.
  • Returns sales history for a property.
  • Returns sales history for a property.
  • Returns sales trends for a given zip code in yearly intervals
  • Returns the Attomized AVM and other property details .